The BV231 is a High Flow 3-outlet, 3-mode deck-mounted diverter valve with Integral Backflow Preventer. It is ideal for large tub applications such as walking tub, whirlpool and soaker type bathtubs where the user wishes to smoothly switch the water flow from the spout to the hand shower. BV231 is also used to safely clean the entire whirlpool piping system aside from diverting water. This is perfectly recommended for medical and sanitary institutions such as hospitals because it disinfects the entire whirlpool system. This High Flow 3 Way Diverter Valve with  Integral Backflow Preventer offers a seamless switch over eliminating water hammer. It also features a patented removable backflow preventer cartridge serviceable from above the deck.

Special Notes:

  • The standard spline is a 20-toothed broach, but can be customized according to manufacturers' specifications to fit any handle.
  • This BREDAVALVE® valve is easily serviceable from above the deck. Its special design utilizes a single convenient, removable patented cartridge. No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
  • Certified to CSA, and ASSE Standards.
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  • 3-outlet,3-mode,deck-mounted diverter valve.
  • Cartridge easily accessible from above deck.
  • Corrosion resistant, all brass body.
  • Standard ¾” (tub) threaded and sweat connections.
  • Standard ½” M and 3/8” F threaded connections for hand shower outlet.
  • Seamless switch over from mode eliminates water hammer.
  • Spline can be custom ordered.
  • Trim package (optional).
  • Flow rate for ¾” outlet is over 23 GPM @ 45 p.s.i.