2-Way Diverter Valve with Integral Vacuum Breaker The BV220 is a 2-outlet, 2-mode, rim-mounted diverter valve designed  for whirlpools and soker type bathtubs. If the user wishes, they can smoothly switch between spouts, hand showers, or other fixtures. This diverter valve offers a seamless switch over eliminating water-hammer. It features a patented removable cartridge, integral atmospheric vacuum breaker, and multiple check valves. The BV220 has a flow rate of over 10 GPM at 45 p.s.i. For sample installation possibilities, see the Whirlex Application Page. For jetted tubs wit higher flow requirements, Omni Brass also offers the BV216 and BV231 diverter valves.   Special Notes:
  • The standard spline is a 20-toothed broach but can be customized according to manufacturer's specifications to fit any handle.
  • This BREDAVALVE® is easily serviceable from above the deck. Its special design utilizes a single convenient, removable patented cartridge. No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
  • Certified to CSA and ASSE Standards.
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  • 2-outlet, 2-mode, rim-mounted diverter valve.
  • Integral atmospheric vacuum breaker.
  • Corrosion-resistant with engineered plastic cartridge.
  • Cartridge easily accessible from above the deck.
  • All brass body.
  • Standard 1/2″ sweat connections.
  • Seamless switchover from mode to mode.
  • Spline can be custom ordered.
  • Trim package available.
  • Flow rate is over 10GPM at 45 p.s.i.