The BV202 is currently the only High Flow Atmospheric Vacuum Valve on the market that is designed to pair up with all type of rim mount faucets. It is engineered specifically to support in disinfecting, cleaning or sterilizing the entire whirlpool piping, pump and jets system from all sort of potential infectious bacteria. Special Notes:
  • This BREDAVALVE® valve is easily serviceable from above the deck. No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
  • Certified to CSA, and ASSE Standards.
  1. The Vacuum Breaker is designed to prevent backsiphonage of contaminated water into the potable water supply;
  2. Any cleansing material that can be used with BV202A Vacuum Breaker must comply and be certified to F.D.A Standard;
  3. BV202A can fill the bathtub or whirlpool through the jet without using a spout;
  4. Ideal for Hospitality, Commercial and Residential establishments especially when whirlpool is required to get disinfected or cleaned daily, the process can be done within five (5) minutes;
  5. It is laborsaving that helps to reduce the amount of work needed to complete the task.
  6. Offers an easy to follow instructions for installation;
  7. Offers an easy troubleshooting technique