The BV100 is a bidet diverter valve featuring an integral atmospheric vacuum breaker and 2-mode operation, including rim wash and vertical spray. It has a compact design and can be used with especially designed Omni Brass stainless steel hoses and fittings. This valve also features a convenient, minimum continuous douche spray flow when set on rim mode, as well as a minimum continuous flow around the rim when set in spray mode. The BV100 valve is a code approved for standard compliance installation. This valve can be paired with all types of bidet bowls and faucets.

Special Notes:

  • The standard spline is a 20-toothed broach, but can be customized according to manufacturers' specifications to fit any handle.
  • This BREDAVALVE® valve is easily serviceable from above the rim. Its special design utilizes a single convenient, removable patented cartridge. No special tools are required for servicing or installation.
  • Certified to CSA and ASSE Standards.
  • Integral atmospheric vacuum breaker.
  • Corrosion resistant engineered plastic.
  • Self lubricating ¼” turn diverting valve.
  • Available as an assembly with hoses, trim, pop-up, and spray.
  • Minimum continuous douches spray flow when on rim mode, as well as a minimum continuous flow around rim when in spray mode.
  • Spline can be custom ordered.