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Omni Brass

Omni Brass is a valve company in Ontario, Canada established in 1989 with its mission to continually create and innovate plumbing products that are first on the market. We are involved in manufacturing wide variety of highly functional valves especially designed for unique installation. We believe in exceptional service and work hard not just to provide you with incredible variety of products but also a technology that fits all. Whether you are looking for an atmospheric vacuum breakers, backflow preventers, diverter valves, pressure balance and thermostatic valves – we’ve got them all for you.

As a true leader in innovation, Omni Brass unceasingly revolutionize the way you think about valves. Take a look inside the bathroom fixture of your brand and you’ll probably find our company name. That’s because we’ve been a trusted partner in supplying the OEM market worldwide and all major plumbing product manufacturers the highest quality valves that complement with today’s modern bathroom. These manufacturers have built solid reputations in plumbing industry and are world-renowned for providing products of the highest quality for the most lavish and elaborate bathing systems.